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Search Engine Optimization

Slogx LLC is a dynamic & result oriented, professional services company, focused on designing and implanting, original and innovative, solutions for its clients and partners. Core strengths are in the e-commerce/ e-biz arena.

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Chasing Numbers or Creating Valuable Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to expose your website the world. The most beautiful website will produce little business revenue unless this site receives regular, new inbound traffic. The most common sources for inbound traffic are search engine's, such as Yahoo, Google, etc. While the method used by these sites rank your company's website is proprietary, web development companies' strategies for listing your site fall into two broad categories.

Artificial or non-organic SEO

Built on the idea that search engines are essentially mathematical functions. Artificial SEO treats the website like a math equation. As long as a site as the correct keywords, search engine will locate the site and rank it accordingly. This approach follows the rules, technically. The artificial SEO optimization plan can add background codes to your web pages, and formally register individual pages with individual engines. However this approach does nothing to create value for the web site visitor. Consequently the website visitor may arrive at your site, and leave unimpressed, resulting in little click through and a lost contact opportunity.

Organic SEO

Organic SCO builds a comprehensive website plan based creating valuable content as well as keywords on every web page. Website visitors expect to find valuable content when they arrived to your site. Visitors look for testimonies, expertise, applicable research data and product information that answers the question: "Why should new customers do business with your company?" When content reigns as king, customers receive value before they are asked to become a customer.

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Organic SEO includes a thorough review of the website's content in addition to web page coding and search engine registration. Organic SCO includes creating links and information sharing with complementary businesses. When a customer can come to a business's website and collect a wide range of information about products, services, or industries the site visitor is more likely to become a paying customer.

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