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Social Media Marketing

Slogx LLC is a dynamic & result oriented, professional services company, focused on designing and implanting, original and innovative, solutions for its clients and partners. Core strengths are in the e-commerce/ e-biz arena.

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Social Media Optimization: Making Marketing Fun

Social media optimization is the development a closer relationship with your current customers while opening dialogue with and attracting new customers by rewarding them in some way for communicating. It is an evolving social media strategy that if properly utilized allows businesses to improve business to client relations and online visibility without primarily focusing on the use of search engines. Ideally for social media optimization to be most effective a website must have some content, whether video, photographs, copy or some other form of content that goes viral and is shared across the social media. This will in turn drive large amounts of traffic to the site. When effectively employed this type of optimization benefits both business and buyers.

There are a few basic principles that lead to effective social media optimization. The website should create sharable content and make it easy to share that content. There should be a reward system for people who visit the site. Visitors should be encouraged to blend the content with other information and share it with as many people as possible using mashup technology. It should also serve as a tool to connect communities. If your website is able to do all these things success is virtually assured.

Some say the concept was given its name and basic rules by Rohit Bhagava and further advanced almost simultaneously by Ben Elowitz. The free experimentation by many people in the online community looking to optimize the effectiveness of their websites and the natural, organic growth of web marketing techniques also played a role in its development and growth. Optimizing the use of social media as a marketing and sharing tool is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving as more and more people and companies understand its potential and utilize its power.

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Having a social media strategy is an essential component for any company hoping to successfully do business on the worldwide web. Social media encourages the free and spontaneous sharing of information and ideas among an ever widening group of people. To succeed, your company's name and content must be part of the conversation.

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